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It's that moment.

I'm ready to shoot the guys getting ready,

... the ties are getting tied,

... cufflinks are attached,

... and the boutonniere's have arrived.

Confusion ensues .....

All the boys start wondering who's got the skills, and the pecking order is slowly established. Finally the resident pro steps up to his task and  .... yikes.

Were talking droopy, poorly executed flowering here folks. Been there?

The key is attaching from the back side not the front side. Set the boutonniere on the left lapel above the pocket. Holding the flower where you want it, open the lapel and pin that baby from the back side with two pins. They should criss cross and make sure the pointy part is facing down and towards the crease in the lapel.

Here's a great instruction video from Floating Leaf Studios to help you get that pesky flower attached without injuring the groom!

Or yourself ...

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