I am a reportage style photographer.

That means I don't pose people or settings unless requested to do so. That's editorial, which I have done for many companies and even quite a few couples. But it's not my "go-to" approach.

Weddings get a bad rap. Many people consider them a huge hassle and a "show" to be avoided at all costs. I'm not here to convince "those" people how amazing, timeless and how important celebrating the most important life choice you'll ever make is.

Those sad sacks can stay home for all I care. (I'm kidding, come see how wonderful it is)

There is always a bit of chaos whenever groups of people get together. Weddings aren't immune. Nor are elopements for that matter. But that's what makes for great experiences. I have shot over 200 weddings in my short lived career and I can tell you without hesitation, I have never had a disaster or godzilla anything. Those horror stories shouldn't keep you from planning the time of your life.

I'm not a coordinator but I will do all I can to make your day as stress free as possible. Yes, I"m "just" the photographer, but I don't hesitate to take charge if it means my couples are sheltered from unnecessary drama. Yes, weddings are filled with drama and most of it is incredible and worthy of capturing. But some of it can cause stress. Like when the tables are decorated and there is uncertainty if the bride will be happy. I'm happy to step in, grab some quick shots and show them to her for final approval. Is it my job to do this? No, but yes I do it. I want the best for my couples and after all these weddings, I have a pretty good idea on what is important. I won't add a nickel, but I'll add my .02!

We've all heard it before .... "why are they taking so long?

People love to blame the photographer for couples being late to the party. And let's be honest ... that happens. But I always keep my couples on track. There are three critical timeline items that I protect.

1) the ceremony start time.

If the bride is late it's because she isn't ready not because I"ve made her late. But if she's late, we wait folks. Get over it!!!

2) the grand entrance.

Most people are worried about when the couple will arrive after pictures. I will always honor the timeline and get my couples back from their portrait time - on time. If I don't preplan appropriately and execute like a pro, why am I doing this job? If the couple says, "it's OK, let's get back late ..." I'm going to text the coordinator/DJ well ahead of time and give them a definite ETA. I always respect the work of others and do my best to support them by being timely.

3) Dinner.

The caterer's reputation is on the line here folks. If the food is cold, it's a disaster. I will NEVER put a caterer in that position ever. I will do whatever I can to work around any disturbances in the flow of portraits or formals. If we have to run out the back right after dinner is served, we will do it.

Portraits take up about 1-3 hours of your wedding day depending on the timeline. That leaves a lot of wedding day left for moments that matter. And while my Galleries are filled with portraits as covers (so clients can quickly find their wedding),  my portfolio page gives a broader view of what to expect without viewing an entire wedding. I do encourage you to view a complete wedding however not just a blog post or the portfolio page. These weddings are what your galleries will look like and what your family and friends will see. It's important to not just look at a top ten post or covers. Look at complete weddings.

Don't hesitate to contact me so we can plan your photo timeline.

I look forward to meeting you soon and answering any questions you might have. I've provided a FAQ section, so be sure to give it look over as well.

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