My Story

Everyone has one ….

The big question on everyone’s mind, who I am currently meeting is this …. why are you moving to Ohio from one of the best wedding markets in the country. The California Central Coast. Hearst Castle, giant redwoods, the Big Sur coastline, Yosemite ….

Are you nuts?

Maybe, but family is more important than any destination or location.

My wife Cathy and I recognize how much we have missed by living out west. Soccer games, birthdays …. lot’s of very important dates and experiences. Last year we spent a fair amount of time back home (Cathy was raised in Steubenville) and learned that our youngest son could finish his film degree in Cleveland. Within a month after thinking about it, he was accepted, we had hired a company to rent our home and ordered boxes. Lot’s of boxes.

We haven’t moved yet (as of December 2018) but come June 2019, we will be neighbors to all our family. Even though both our parents have passed, we are grateful and excitedly looking forward to spending time with our immediate family who we haven’t seen in many, many years.

This is an exciting time for us – and I bet for you as well.

Thanks for taking some additional time to read my story. Please reach out to me and let’s get to know one another. I’d love to shoot your wedding and give you images that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Sound good?