Amber & Brian | Higuera Ranch

This past weekend I was part of something very special.

My friend Jazmyn ran a “contest” to find a deserving couple that a group of us vendors could bless.
Bless = free.

Imagine a complete wedding – venue, flowers, cake, DJ, videographer, limo, food and photography – at no cost,
and performed by vendors who are professionals, Who charge a lot of money for their services.

In the midst of this gifting, I also have been finally doing something myself.
I woke up one day a few months ago realizing that something needed to change in my professional life.
I needed a break from being so professional.
Let my hair down (I actually have grown it out).

My gear has been slowly weighing me down. Just the sight of me with all my long lenses and huge camera bodies – and the looky-loos …. wore me out.

I was losing my mojo.


A few years ago my pal Jonathan showed up to a wedding pro meeting with a little Fuji X100, and I was so intrigued. I loved that it had manual buttons and actual F-stops … the kind you turned on the lens. No dials to change settings. I wanted it really bad, but I couldn’t change lenses … I’m only a partial purist it seems.

Fast forward to my recent purchase of a completely different camera system (the brand doesn’t matter).
My theory was that I would be less encumbered while shooting events (when I shoot events it’s very similar to shooting street). Having a 70-200 lens while squeezing through crowds of people just wasn’t … I wasn’t feeling it, although NOBODY ever asked me to put down my camera and not take pictures. As a matter of fact, I bounce off the greatest humans at events … maybe it’s all the alcohol?

My thought was if I could just minimize my footprint and the amount of lens sticking out in front of me … I’d be able to get even closer.
So, finally, I did it.

This past weekend was only the second wedding where I left my DSLR cameras in the car as backup.
It was liberating!
I could just focus on my subject (no pun intended) and let the experience and moments of the day dictate.
Pure joy!

I’m sharing just a couple of images that really reflect who I have been but didn’t really let out in the past.
I did take some standard wedding type images for sure and those were fun as well. But these felt different. Even if my approach to image making hasn’t really changed, the way I feel making the images has.

Technology and life is fast-paced isn’t it?
It’s hard to slow down and live in the moment because our moments are so …. minimal. We spend very little time in them.
I’m done with little. I’m done with fleeting …. finally, “I” do more with less.

To see the wedding, look here.

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