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site de rencontre aquitaine gratuit It’s great to be chosen, period. Although I fight the title “artist”, I recognize that my couple’s won’t hesitate in using that term. It feels good to be appreciated, no doubt, and the way Ciera and Dustin made me feel was so much better than what I could have done for them. You can read her testimony HERE but I can assure you, I feel more fortunate to have been found by them then them finding me. If that makes sense.

rencontre orthez Shooting a wedding is satisfying beyond measure. It really is, and for a photo essay enthusiast such as myself, weddings are meaningful because of it’s story. No other photographic gig gives me the same satisfaction. And I like ALL types of photo gigs! Ciera and Dustin’s story is as unique as you’d expect. It’s the same story in a sense. Boy meets girl, get’s married, but weddings can be so unique. Which is amazing considering how many weddings occur. It’s not the same old story, same old song and dance. The elements are similar, but the meaning behind the elements is what makes them so intimate. I love capturing that intimacy.

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see here now My work is a collaboration … me and my couples …. finding the perfect way to tell their story.  

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