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Nora & Nick | Hoover Park

It’s all in the family …. Nora’s mother in law Marsha & I have been long time friends (that’s a story in itself), so it was a privilege to photograph her wedding to Nick. While my wife Cathy and I were out in Ohio visiting Cathy’s family and covering Nora’s awesome day, we decided it…

The Park Place | Katie & Jeremy

As far as Halloween themes go, Katie & Jeremy created an unforgettable event. These kids were so much fun, and sweet as can be. Strong families, close friends …. These are just a couple of ways to spin the tale of their nuptials … Did I mention an ice sculpture (nearly life-size) and ghoul cake….

Templeton Wedding | Private Estate

When I first met these lovebirds, I was impressed by how down to earth they were …. for creative types. She is an actor and he is an industry guy … She is on stage and he is on set … Action! But sitting there in front of me in the cafe, they are ……

Ventura Wedding | Jess & Jason

I always feel odd about answering certain questions regarding “me”. The biggest? The “style” question. Cant say it’s my favorite pop quiz moment … but it happens. Especially at bridal shows. I do have favorite ways of doing things, absolutely, but style isn’t a good way to define it. I’m careful not to overlay my…