I'll be honest, I don't like talking about me.

Recently, I was reviewing some famous photographers' responses to a survey of sorts. I thought, "What a great way to say something 'about' myself". As a result, I've chosen to follow that format to tell you about me.

Signature aesthetic:

I’m a moment junkie. My images should reflect the couple’s relationships with each other, their friends and their family. While I prefer black and white to color, I always provide color files to my couples. I prefer to provide unlimited coverage that allows for multiple days of shooting. I believe weddings should be part of life, not an interruption of it.


Specialties included:

Although I’m primarily a natural light, candid shooter, I have enough lighting gear to tackle any situation. I do not fear bright sunny days and high noon ceremonies. I do a lot of headshots, so retouching is never an issue for me. I prefer to keep it natural, but I’m more than willing to give special attention when needed.


The dream client:

My couple’s should have a Bohemian vibe about them. I wouldn’t think of them as consumed by trends but eclectic in their approach not just to their wedding day, but to life. Their day should reflect whom they are not what people expect from them or what is typical. They should be unique (but that doesn’t require being original). It’s always a plus when they are willing to venture into uncharted waters. Be adventurous!


I’d like to limit my weddings to around 18.


Point of difference:

I love formal family portraits. That’s surprising to some, considering I’m more known for my candid/street style. Portraits are a very small part of the day and I want that time to be as cherished as any other. I prefer not rushing through it, but allow time for details and choosing backgrounds that add to the timelessness of the day.


Film? Digital? Video?

After shooting with a medium-format film camera, it was hard to go digital. It took quite a bit of convincing, but I finally landed in the Nikon full-frame camp. I was very happy but have recently made the switch to the Fujifilm X sensor. I’m 100% digital and because of the X system, spend a lot less time on my computer.


Favorite wedding type:

My favorite wedding is any that requires travel and allows for multiple days of shooting. I love it when a couple finds a location that has great views, but I love a great building as well. I prefer small weddings of under 100 guests and dinner party styling.

“Moments are only as long as they happen …”