Jess & Jason | Ventura California

I always feel odd about answering certain questions regarding “me”.
The biggest?
The “style” question.

Cant say it’s my favorite pop quiz moment … but it happens.
Especially at bridal shows.

I do have favorite ways of doing things, absolutely, but style isn’t a good way to define it.
I’m careful not to overlay my “ways” onto my couples.
Oh sure, I have couples who ask me specifically to “run the show”; they trust my judgement and offer little suggestions.
But typically, I learn about my friends and develop a “shoot” around who they are around their style.

So, if I dare say it, it just so happens that Jess & Jason ARE my “style”.
My “kind” of people.
My “type” of groove!
Their vibe resonates within me ….

A lot.

I went a little crazy with the number of images on this post (sorry?) but …
there is never too much of a good thing is there?

Besides they had the ultimate first look …
Go see.